My writing process isn’t like anything else out there.

I studied conventional writing techniques for over 30 years. I even received my BA in Creative Writing.

But what those classes failed to teach me was that we are never alone when we sit down at the computer to write. Those called to the arts are channels to stories, ideas, and energies who have things they want to share through our work. This magic is accessible to all of us through our intuition.

This understanding profoundly changed my life. In 2020, I launched the Intuitive Writer podcast and YouTube show. The goal of the show was simple: to help other writers and artists learn how to tap into their intuition in order to connect with creative energies that want to work with us. If you are called to the arts and would like to learn how you can use your intuition to enhance your creative process, I invite you to check out the episodes.

And now there is a new tool available to you! The Intuitive Writer Activation Workshop. This is a FREE, 8-module course, available on YouTube. Click the link below to visit Intuitive Writer on YouTube.