There's nothing Camille loves more than lacing up her shoes for a long run. The trails are her second home. When she isn't running you can find her reading about running, watching movies about running, or supporting friends at their races. Her zombie story was inspired by her love of running absurd distances.

Adult zombie fiction

Undead: a reanimated corpse with a craving for human flesh. 

Ultramarathon: any footrace longer than a traditional marathon (26.2 miles). 

For ultrarunners Kate and Frederico, a typical Saturday morning is spent pounding out a twenty- to thirty-mile “fun run.” It’s during one of their runs that an insidious illness descends upon northern California, turning humans into flesh-shredding zombies. When Kate receives a desperate call from her son, Carter, she and Frederico flee their hometown and set out to help him. The only problem? Carter attends college over two hundred miles away and the freeways—clogged with car wrecks, zombies, and government blockades—are impassable. Running back roads and railroad tracks becomes their only means of travel, but neither of them has ever run so far before. As pain, injuries, hunger, and fatigue plague them, getting to Carter and staying alive seem impossible. It’s either outrun the undead or become one of them, and for Kate, death is not an option.