Undead Ultra Blog Tour - Day 5

Review from The Avid Reader. Excerpt: "I am going to have to give the author Camille Picott kudos for Undead Ultra is one of the best books I think I have ever read. It is very well written and the characters are well developed. Undead Ultra is on my top ten books of 2016."

Brizzlelass posted an interview, which you can read here

What inspired the story?

One thing I really wanted to do is write a genre novel that featured adult characters. I get tired of stories about twenty-somethings with very little life experience. As an almost-forty wife and mother, I feel like characters with similar mid-life experiences are largely underrepresented in genre fiction. In Undead Ultra, Kate is widower in her late-thirties. She got pregnant in college and dropped out as a result. Her son is her life. Frederico is in his early sixties. He’s  a recovering alcoholic struggling to connect with an estranged daughter. Both characters have life experiences and life stories that I hope will appeal to adult readers.