Undead Ultra Blog Tour - Day 2

The Book Sirens posted a review. Here is an excerpt: Very well written, suspenseful, and at times very touching story. The characters are likable, and you feel yourself become invested in their run, in their efforts not only to get to Carter, but also Alesia, Frederico’s daughter. You get flashbacks that help you understand the relationship between the two friends, as well as their children and other events that have lead to this day. / Also, the author is either very knowledgeable first hand, or has done thorough research, on runners and what all it takes to be able to do that kind of thing. I don’t at all, so it was interesting to see what all goes into running marathons (or longer).

The Recipe Fairy also posted a review. Here is an excerpt: This book was absolutely unique and had me completely absorbed into it's pages!! Very fast-paced with complex characters and complex emotions, I found myself completely unable to put this book down! This isn't your typical zombie novel! I've never read a book quite like this- it'a almost a new genre all on it's own! I never really knew much about long-distance running, but I consider myself properly enlighted with all the details the author provided. The emotions were incredibly complex with quite a few moments that had me giggling to myself! I loved how the zombies didn't just take over the world in 30 minutes, they were realistically introduced slowly. Fast-paced with quite a few plot twists- including one huge one that took me completely by surprise- I completely enjoyed this awesome book! I would absolutely LOVE to see a sequel come out soon! This book was wildly entertaining and definitely in my top reader picks list now!!

We Do Write posted an excerpt, which you can read here.

Hopelessly Devoted Bibliophile posted my Top 10 list for zombie books, movies, and tv shows, which you can read here.