Cover Reveal Part 2 - Undead Ultra

A while back I posted the cover for my forthcoming book, Undead Ultra. After that, my writing buddy Lan Chan released her novel Poison. I immediately fell in love with her cover and asked who her designer was. Lan recommended DDD - Deranged Doctor Design, an online book cover designer that specializes in genre fiction.

I decided to have them create an alternative cover for Undead Ultra, just to see what they could come up. I could not have been more pleased with the results! Not only was DDD professional, fast, and affordable, but I found them to be extremely flexible and accommodating to this picky and perfectionist indie author.

Ultimately I was looking for a cover that would appeal to running fanatics and zombie lovers. I think the cover crafted by DDD completely delivered!

Undead Ultra is currently scheduled to be released in the first half of 2016. 

Book description for Undead Ultra:

Undead: a deceased creature that has been re-animated through science or supernatural force.

Ultramarathon: any footrace longer than a traditional marathon (26.2 miles).

Kate and her best friend, Frederico, are ultrarunners. For them, a typical Saturday morning is spent pounding out a twenty-to-thirty mile “fun run.” 

It’s during one of these Saturday morning runs that the zombie apocalypse strikes. In the midst of the chaos, Kate receives a desperate call from her college son, Carter. She and Frederico flee their hometown and set out to help him. The only problem? Carter is over two hundred miles away and the freeways are clogged with car wrecks, zombies, and government blockades.

When their hatchback is totaled early in their journey, Kate and Frederico are forced to strike out on foot. Though both are conditioned to running long miles, neither has ever run so far before. As pain, injuries, hunger, and fatigue plague them, the zombie threat becomes ever-present. Will they have what it takes to finish their race and save Carter?