Writer's Report - Zombie Recon Run #2

As a sci-fi/fantasy writer, I conduct most of my research on my lap top. Undead Ultra, my latest project, is giving me a chance to get out of my chair and into my running shoes. I must say that research conducted outdoors in my running shoes is buckets more fun than research conducted on my rear-end in front of the computer.

I wrote about my Zombie Recon mission here, but click on the You Tube link below to see the video documenting of this writing-running adventure.

About Undead Ultra: In the midst of a zombie outbreak, Kate and her running buddy, Frederico, have one goal: to find Kate's son, Carter. The only problem? Carter is over two hundred miles away and the freeways are clogged with car wrecks and zombies. When their hatchback is totaled several miles into their journey, Kate and Frederico set out on foot for the race of their lives.

Thanks to my amazing running sisters, Lura Albee and Lori Barekman, for taking part in this fun run! And thanks to Chris Urasaki for putting together the video.