Writer's Report - Audio Book release of Sulan Episode 1.5

At the end of last year I had the pleasure of working with the amazing Michele Carpenter on the audio book version of Sulan, Episode 1.5: Risk Alleviator. Michele is a very talented voice actor and brought life to all the characters in my book. She also wrote a song for the intro and exit of the audio book, which just tickled me! You can pick up the new Sulan audio book at Amazon and Audible.

Also new on the writing front: I'm actually writing again! After a year-long funk, I'm finally in a place where stories and characters are speaking to me again. I'm 60,000 words into the third draft of Sulan Episode 2. I've got a wonderful writing partner who's helping me through the rough parts. With any luck Sulan 2 will be released in 2015 . . . fingers and toes crossed!

On a side note, I've recently developed a love of long distance running. I ran my first marathon in December and plan to tackle a few more this year. In a way, I think writing, publishing, and long distance running are all very similar . . . they are each a process, a journey. None are successfully accomplished in a day. Training for a marathon takes hours and hours and miles and miles of preparation, just like writing a novel takes draft after draft after draft. I'm enjoying both of my journeys. Miles and miles and draft after draft . . . I hope you're enjoying your journey too, whatever path you happen to be on.