Sulan Blog Tour - Recao Day 5

Girl of 1000 Wonders says: "I’ve read one book by Camille Picott before, and I enjoyed it. I was sure I’d enjoy Sulan, but I loved it! . . . The hype, the fear and the world building drew me in, but the characters are what made this book."

Gin's Book Notes says: "Camille Picott does an amazing job of world building. The technology of this future world is out there but not so over the top that you can’t easily imagine it. I think it takes a very gifted writer to incorporate technology into a story that is believable and yet advanced enough to make you wonder at its possibilities."

Wattle at Whimsical Nature says: "I must admit, when I signed up for this tour I only glanced at the synopsis of the book because I’ve read some of Camille Picott’s work before, and my reaction to said tour was ‘YES, SIGN ME UP!’ So I wasn’t entirely sure what I was going to get, but expected it to be fantasy.
And it was, but it was also so much more! I guess you could call it a bit sci-fi, a bit cyperpunk, a bit dystopain, a bit doesn’t fit into a convenient pigeon hole so let’s call it everything. And it worked."
Erika at WS Momma Readers Nook says: "I love how the author intertwines the dystopian and cyber/steampunk themes.  It is edgy and thrilling to read, but like all dystopian novels very sad to see such a different earth.  I think the author has created such a wonderful book in the first person where we see this "new" world through the eyes of Sulan."

The Word at My Fingertips says: "Sulan is incredible. Absolutely phenomenal. This is such an original idea, paired with the ever-popular dystopian genre, though this isn't a normal the-world-is-ravaged world. This is a very high-tech society that is organized and have since recreated itself since the Default-when the US declared bankruptcy."