Sulan Blog Tour - Recap Day 3

Orange Owls & Books says: "Another thing, the protagonist here is a math prodigy right? And you know how in all of the books the author will keep saying that the protagonist is a math prodigy but never really show you how the character is a prodigy? Yeah, Camille doesn't do that. She shows exactly how Sulan is a prodigy. Her math skills are put on display in an intense moment. Goodness I loved that part. I was almost squealing."

Mary's Cup of Tea says: "This book hits on a subject that we have all been wondering about lately and that is if the U.S. dollar collapses and countries that we owe money to are demanding we pay the loans back to, so it's not as far off as you might expect. The book doesn't really give a time frame but because of some of the technology that they are using, it's a safe bet it's in the future, long after I am gone for sure. "