Sulan Blog Tour - Recap Day 2

Melissa at The Reader & The Chef says: "Sulan is a great character and I didn't have trouble liking her right from the start. She is smart, a great friend and a true fighter. I liked that she has her priorities straight and is focused on surviving, on striving to learn how to fight, and on protecting those she loves the most. It's weird to meet a character who is not looking to fall in love, like Sulan. Despite the worthy candidates she has in front of her, Sulan is just too busy with more important stuff than to waste a second on romantic drama. I really, really liked that about her."

Paperrdolls says: "I’m not one of those people who typically visualize what im reading I wish I were. Perhaps with my sickness my mind opened up because I totally just saw everything and it was A-W-E-S-O-M-E.I cant wait to read the next book there were some many things left unsaid and undone. It was a HUGE cliffhanger which I appreciate but Picott DEFINITELY leaves you wanting more. And I feel like a huge ass because I want to share so much more im struggling to contain a great many things but trust me this book is one you need to read."

Nay at Nay's Pink Bookshelf says: "The world was impeccable and the characters were outstanding. For a new genre I was highly impressed by this novel."

Savings in Seconds says: "...Sulan has an engaging theme that will keep readers interested.  If you’re into books that make you think twice about what’s going on in real life, check out Sulan!"