Sulan Blog Tour - Recap Day 1

I seem to be running perennially behind these days! The amazing Candace over at CBB Book Promotions organized a wonderful blog tour for Sulan, Episode 1: The League. Thank you to Candace and all the wonderful bloggers who took the time to read and review my book.

The tour ran last week, but due to some health issues with a close family member I am only now getting around to blogging about it. So here's a recap of the tour!

Day 1:

Natalie at Book Lovers Life says: "With its superb writing and vivid images, Sulan is one of the best books I've read in a long time. The authors style of writing is amazing and she easily makes you a part of the story. From its entertaining characters to its captivating story Sulan is a must read. I love Dystopian books and would highly recommend this unique book to everyone."

Brenda at Daily Mayo says: "Sulan is a tough girl, ready to do whatever  she can to defend her home. I think the literary world could stand to have more strong female characters, so I was a big fan of Sulan and her mother. I also loved that Sulan works to solve problems both on her own and also with her parents. It’s nice to see a strong family bond in a YA book."

Amanda at My Tangled Skeins Book Review says: "Sulan was a pleasant surprise for me. I went into this book thinking that I would probably like it just enough to finish it. I was wrong. I devoured it in one sitting. It is well paced and each chapter ended in such a way that I just had to read the next one. The author did very well in drawing me into the story and keeping me wanting more."