The Warrior & The Flower - Blog Tour Recap, Day 2

Day 2 of The Warrior & The Flower blog tour! Lots of positive things being said about Yi and Tulip and their adventure.

Heather at Buried In Books says of Warrior Yi: "I loved Yi. He was a seasoned warrior, hardened by tragedy and loss. But a truly honorable man. And he is incredibly committed to Tulip. From the moment they are together, he is protective of her and determined to make sure she is always protected. And he is loyal to the Emperor and his mission to him."

Heather also says, "Tulip is adorably naive and this gets her into a lot of trouble that Yi and others have to get her out of. But she is also a very special little girl. Raised in a brothel with her mother, she is rescued by Yi and given a much better life than the one she was headed towards. She takes her mother's words to heart, but she is a little too naive to understand what they really mean. She is funny, loyal, proud and resourceful and a delight to get to know." Read the full review here.

Gin at Gin's Book Notes says: "The audio version is fantastic. The narrator does a great job of bringing the characters and the action to life. I was able to envision each detail as he read and on many occasions found myself laughing, wiping away a few tears, and cringing at some of the battles as I listened to this great story." Read the full review here.

Spotlight posted by Natalie at Book Lover's Life. Check it out here.