The Warrior & The Flower gets 5-Star reviews

Review of The Warrior & The Flower are starting to trickle in!

The first one at Candace's Book Blog, where it received a 5-star review. Here's an excerpt of what Candace has to say: "This book was hard to put down.  Unfortunately I started it on the weekend and so didn't have much time to sit and read it.  But if I had been able to, I would have read it all in one sitting.  It's absolutely brilliantly done!  I now have a goal to convince people to READ THIS BOOK!  I was shocked when I looked and there weren't any reviews up yet!  This book deserves attention!" You can read the complete review here.

The next review is up at Indie Book Blog, where it received another 5-star review. Here's a snippet of what the Indie Book Blogger had to say: "I loved everything about this book.  The two main characters were both extremely well written and stayed very true to themselves through the entire book.  I felt a genuine emotional connection with both of them and doesn't always happen when I read a book.  The kylin, cloud shaman, and liquid steel were also some great ideas.  I always had trouble putting this book down when I was reading at work and had stuff to do.  This is a very strong series and I will be eagerly awaiting more." The complete review is available here.

You can grab The Warrior & The Flower for $2.99 at all major online retailers. I am wrapping up work on the audio book this week. With any luck, it will be available on Audible, Amazon, and iTunes by mid-September.