Writer's Report - Current Projects & Successes

I've really falling off the blogging train the last few months, and I figure I owe all my blog buddies an explanation. The short story is that I've recently gone through some difficult changes in my life. Part of the fallout is my having to re-assess my priorities. Unfortunately, blogging landed on the bottom of the list. For the immediate future, I plan only to use my blog to post writing and publishing updates. I'll continue to post micro book reviews on Goodreads, and I am very active on Facebook (which, strange as it might sound, actually takes a lot less time than blogging). So you can always connect with me on either of those sites. I will miss blogging. Hopefully it's something I'll be able to pick back up someday.

And now, onto some writing updates...

Sulan, Episode 1.5: Risk Alleviator -- final draft has been sent out to beta readers! Cover creation starts this week. The tentative goal is to release this sometime in August.

Sulan, Episode 2: Vex (working title) -- First draft is about 1/3 of the way complete. Serious work on this will start at the end of August.

The Warrior & The Flower -- Just this week, this hit Amazon's best seller list for Asian fantasy. Woot! Pretty happy about that. The print book has been approved and should be live on Amazon in a few days. I've also started work on the audio version, which I hope to release at the end of August.

Sulan, Episode 0.5: The Cube -- this little novelette has been doing very well the past few months! It's been on and off Amazon best sellers lists in Cyberpunk and Dystopian categories. You can grab this guy for free!

World Kingdom Warrior -- this little freebie has also been doing very well. It has hit the Epic Fantasy, Sword & Sorcery, and Asian Fantasy best seller lists on Amazon. This is another one you can grab for free! This one has some gorgeous illustrations by Joey Manfre.