Chinese Heritage Tale Blog Tour - Day 7 & 8

More review of Raggedy Chan and Nine-Tail Fox are up!

Here's a snippet of what TeacherWriter has to say about Chinese Heritage Tales:

Raggedy Chan: "The author masterfully blends characters from Chinese mythology with American tall tales to weave a story of cultures coming together yet remaining distinct in their own traditions."

Nine-Tail Fox: "In an entrancing story, young people learn to look below the surface, and not judge anyone by their appearance. / This is a book my granddaughter, who loves anime, would enjoy."

You can read both reviews here.


Deal Sharing Aunt also has some nice things to say about Chinese Heritage Tales!

Raggedy Chan: "I really enjoyed the book and found myself giggling at some of the parts, especially when Paul Bunyan is introduced. This book also talked about being a loner and finally finding out who you are. There is nothing more important for a young adult to learn that they need to be themselves."

Nine-Tail Fox: "I always love books that talk about bullies, because I feel there is never enough bully awareness. I really enjoyed the ending, and enjoyed how the author talked about confidence and being strong."

You can read both reviews here.