Chinese Heritage Tale Blog Tour - Day 4

Day 4 of the Chinese Heritage Tale blog tour! There are two lovely reviews up at Journey of a Bookseller.

What's really cool about this blog site, Jo Ann Hakola, is that the owner actually owns her own online bookstore! You can visit The Book Faerie here. Jo Ann has over 7,000 books for sale! How cool is that?

Here's a snipper of what Jo Ann has to say about about Raggedy Chan andNine-Tail Fox: Part of the reason I wanted to read these novelettes and participate in this blog tour is that they are Chinese heritage tales. Their fairy tales are different than ours and they have a different "flavor". If you're not familiar with the tone of their stories or what kind of animals they use, you should read these. If you are, you have a treat ahead of you. They are excellent examples of lesson tales for the young ones in your life.