Friday, May 31, 2013

Asian-inspired high fantasy - get it for free!

My new novella is now free on Amazon and Smashwords! It's currently sitting at #2 on the Amazon best seller's list for Asian fantasy. Go grab a copy!

Book description:

Yi is a retired warrior of the World Kingdom who has lost everything he loves—his home, his wife, and his daughter.

Tulip is an abused child of a prostitute with a special ability—a secret that will put her life at risk if the wrong person learns of it.

As war and political intrigue threaten their home, fate brings Yi and Tulip together.

This novella is an excerpt from first novel in the series. Enjoy this introduction to the Asian-inspired fantasy world of 3 Kingdoms!


  1. Picked up a copy for myself. Thanks for the update!

  2. awesome!I loooooove the cover!I'll be downloading this bad boy right now!

  3. Thank you oh so much I have downloaded it an am ready to read it - next I want to reaqd The Warrior and the Flower - will be reading World Kingdom Warrior on my trip next week thankyou so much

  4. Very cool! I grabbed a copy. :)