Writer's Report - Sulan Sequel

I don't very often blog about the daily grind of my writing life, mostly because I have no idea if anyone will find it interesting. But I was perusing my Blogger stats the other day and noticed that quote a few people were googling "Sulan Sequel" and finding their way to my site. I figured that merited a "report" of my current writing projects.
In the works as we speak is are several Sualn sequels. Episode 1.5 is a novelette written from the perspective of Riska. It chronicles Riska's journey to find Sulan when she is kidnapped by the League. The manuscript is currently with several beta readers. I hope to have it out by early summer.
I also have the rough draft of Episode 2 complete, and the details of Episode 2.5 sketched out in my mind. I will be focusing on both of these starting in April. With any luck, I'll have both of them ready to publish in early 2014. I'd love to publish them both at the same time, but we'll have to see if I can pull it off.
So that's it for the Sulan update! Stay tuned for details on a new release I have coming out this month, a high fantasy novel in an Asian-inspired setting entitled The Warrior & The Flower.