The Writer's View - The Dead of Winter by Lee Collins

From Goodreads: Cora and her husband hunt things - things that shouldn't exist. When the marshal of Leadville, Colorado, comes across a pair of mysterious deaths, he turns to Cora to find the creature responsible, but if Cora is to overcome the unnatural tide threatening to consume the small town, she must first confront her own tragic past as well as her present.

The Writer's View

Two weeks ago I posted my bizarre reason for buying this book. Usually when I make rash decisions I end up regretting them, but I really enjoyed this book. The heorine is Cora Oglesby, a gun-toting, whiskey-drinking, baaaad ass warrior of the old west. I have to admit I struggled with her character a bit at first because she is drunk ALL THE TIME, but as we get deeper into the story we discover the tragic reason behind her drinking problem. And the lady kicks ass from here to sundown. She had me in tears by the end. I am a Cora Oglesby fan! This series is #1 on my current wish list of books I'd like to see HBO get their hands on.

The first half of the book was a bit disorgaized (in my opinion) with the POVs from random characters that didn't add anything to the book. If you can get through this part, the book really takes off in the second half. Like I said, I was in tears by the end.

Opening a book with the POV of a minor character

Like I mentioned, this front half of the book had some scenes written from the POV of minor characters that I wasn't particularly interested in or vested in. The novel itself opens with the POV of two different town marshalls. I get the technical reason as to why these characters opened the book -- they witness a paranormal crime scene and thus introduce the readers to a paranormal old west. Overall, though, since these characters weren't particulary interesting or really all that essential to the main story, I think the opening of the novel was not as strong as it could have been. Cora is a such a brilliant, awesome character. Opening the novel from her POV would have kicked butt, in my humble opinion, and done a much better job of sucking the reader in.

What do you guys think about opening a book with the POV of a minor character?