Raggedy Chan: An Illustrated Adventure - now available on Kindle

Princess Yao-Chi & Tiger Dragon
Raggedy Chan: An Illustrated Adventure, is now available on Kindle! This Asian-inspired middle grade fantasy novelette contains 40 full-colot illustrations by Joey Manfre. You can grab a copy for $1.99. Amazon Prime members can get it for free. These are just two examples of th beautiful illustrations you'll see in the book.
Raggedy Chan & Torce Dragon

Book Description: Emma Chan-McDougal receives a special gift from her Auntie Gracie: a rag doll named Raggedy Chan. But Raggedy Chan is no ordinary doll. She is a beautiful Chinese princess who lives in a jasper palace on the enchanted isle of Kunlun. The peace of her island home is threatened when Drought Fury steals Winged Dragon, bringer of rain. Without Winged Dragon, Kunlun will wither and die.

To save her stricken homeland, Raggedy Chan sets forth alone. Her quest leads her to America, where she meets people who distrust her because she’s different. Can Raggedy Chan adapt to the strange ways of this new land and rescue her beloved dragon?

In this modern fairy tale, Chinese-American author Camille Picott draws on her heritage to weave a story of magic, adventure, and sacrifice. Raggedy Chan: An Illustrated Adventure contains forty full-color illustrations.