ISWG - How Many Drafts Does It Take?

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How Many Drafts Does It Take?

I always say I am more of a "re-writer" than a "writer." I really love re-writing and editing. There's something about digging into my writing that makes me crazy happy. I love slinging scenes around, reconstructing sentences, trashing entire chapters, killing characters, resurrecting them, etc. I would say that my first drafts are just getting ideas on paper. All the good stuff happens in the re-write stages for me.

Because of this, I tend to have a very large number of drafts. I hear of writers having only 1 or 2 drafts and I can barely wrap my head around it. I estimating I'll log at least 10 full drafts of my current WIP. All of my previous books have had even more than that. (The numbers are ridiculously high, so I won't list them.)

I'm wondering about other writers. How many drafts do you average in the writing process? Do you lean toward being a "writer" or a re-writer"?