Thursday, January 24, 2013

lllustrated Raggedy Chan coming to Kindle

I'm excited to announce that the illustraed edition of Raggedy Chan will soon be released for Kindle! These are some of the amazing illustrations found in the book, all created by artist Joey Manfre. (Who just so happens to be my husband's best friend and my daughter's godfather!)

I published the illustrated edition of Raggedy Chan in 2008, back before indie publishing experienced its current revolution. My decision to self-publish came from a desire to share a story near and dear to my heart. Raggedy Chan wasn't the sort of thing getting attention from traditional publishers, so I decided to publish it on my own. I printed books in Hong Kong and hand sold them at events. This was my first published book. The story was inspired by the stories and experiences of my Chinese grandparents.

I've always wanted to release this as an e-book, but the technology wasn't there back in 2008. With full-color reading devices and tablets taking the world by storm, it seems like the technology for full-color books is finally here. I'm making the Kindle version on my own with a nifty software called Scrivener. (You would not believe what companies quoted to convert this book for me! I got bids ranging from $250 - $750! So not do-able for an indie writer.)

Aren't these pictures just gorgeous? There are 40 of them in my book. I'm hoping to have the book released by Chinese New Year. I'm so excited for the opportunity to finally introduce the illustrated Raggedy Chan to the digital world!


  1. Camille, that is so awesome. I love love love Raggedy Chan! Releasing the Kindle picture edition on Chinese New Year is such a great idea!

  2. Congrats Camille! Those illustrations are beautiful. I had no idea converting ebooks were so pricey! Wishing you lots of success on your ebook edition :)

  3. Congratulations, Camille! I am thrilled for you.

  4. Congrats, Camille! This is so cool. The illustrations are indeed beautiful!

  5. That is really exciting, the pictures are indeed gorgeous! And I can't believe people wanted to charge you so much for conversion. Thank goodness you found Scrivener (which I thought was just for writing - I didn't know you could create ebook formats with it!)

    1. Rachel,
      Scrivener makes producing all ebooks: epubs, mobis and even pdfs a snap. It is worth getting just for that. But where it really shines is with revisions. It's amazing:) And for $45 USD it's just an incredible value!!!

  6. I enjoyed visiting China and hearing about all the stories rich in family and tradition. This sound so fascinating. Congratulations on releasing in e-book.

  7. These ARE gorgeous! I'm not the biggest fan of reading anything with artwork on my kindle fire (I prefer physical) but I know that many are switching over. Plus it makes it available for those all around the world without much trouble. That's great that you're just going for it and doing what your heart says! Good luck, I hope it comes together well for you!