Help me make my book free on Amazon

This is a novelette I released late in December. My intention is to make it free so that readers can sample the Sulan series. It's free at everyone major online ebook retailer except Amazon. I'd really appreciate if you guys could help me by reporting the lower price to Amazon.

It's simple. Just click here to go to my listing on Amazon. Scroll down and click "tell us about a lower price." Then enter the link to the free listing at Barnes & Noble, which can be found here.

As an indie author, one of my committments this year is to try new things. In the corporate world where I spend most of my days, one of the things I've really come to value is flexibility and a willingness to try new things. I've seen other indie authors release free novellas/novelettes and I like the concept. My particular novelette is an excerpt from the first Sulan book, just a teaser to introduce readers to Sulan and her world.

Many thanks to everyone who can help me out!