Book Musings: Bizarre Reasons for Buying a Book

I was cruising book blogs the other day and came across this review for The Dead of Winter, a spec fic book pitched as "True Grit meets True Blood." I was intrigued by the concept of a paranormal western. (Review coming next week.)

Have any of you guys seen Cowboys vs Aliens? Well, it's one of my all-time favorite sci-fi flicks. At its heart, it's also paranormal western. I found the story very original and fun. And let's admit it, Daniel Craig is smoking in chaps. Even if the movie had sucked, I could have enjoyed it for the sheer fact that Daniel Craig ran around in chaps for 2 hours.

So when I read about The Dead of Winter, a paranormal western, my head was immediately filled with thoughts of Daniel Craig in chaps. I jumped online and bought the book. Dorky, I know! Luckily the book was a fun read, even if Daniel Craig never made an appearance.

So what's the strangest reason you've ever bought a book? Anyone else think Daniel Craig should be permanently housed in a pair of chaps?