Insecure Writers Support Group - Tradeoffs: No Book is Perfect

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My crit partner Cathy Keaton recently made the comment to me that no book is perfect. I've thought about this quite a bit and have come to agree with her statement. I tend to find minor nits even in books that I love. (Albeit I am a picky reader.)

This got me thinking about my own writing. Of course my writing isn't perfect, but I do strive to publish what I consider my best. And sometimes I have to make tradeoffs when I write.

My current WIP -- an epic fantasy -- highlights a father-daughter relationship. Early drafts were fairly light on plot because I really wanted to develop the relationship. Feedback from my beta readers made me realize I need a lot more plot. I'm currently slogging through the manuscript and adding a whole bunch of plot. As I do this, I'm finding the father-daughter relationship, while still present, has definitely been relegated to a sub-plot. I'm okay with this because in the end, I think people who read epic fantasy will appreciate a stronger plot. After all, I'm not writing literary fiction. :)

What are some tradeoffs you've had to take in your own writing? Do any of you feel there is a "perfect" book out there that doesn't suffer from these tradeoffs?