The Writer's View - The Hive by Marc Davies

From Amazon: For centuries the Hive has waged a secret war, pitting psychic powers against the monstrous appetites of the Silencers. Now its visionary leader has an ambitious plan to tip the balance, and the conflict threatens to boil over onto the streets of modern day London.

Nineteen-year-old Luke is thrust into the conflict when he foils an assassination attempt on the charismatic Dr. Jean-Paul Lysayer, a world renowned expert on telepathy. Down on his luck, and torn between an old flame and blossoming desire, the last thing Luke needs is to be used as a pawn in the eternal conflict.

But the Hive needs Luke's unique abilities, and when he uncovers evidence of a conspiracy it will take all his street-smarts to stay alive long enough to separate friend from foe.

The Writer's View

I am so excited to share this book with you guys! I was lucky enough to be a critique partner with author Marc Davies. It's really teriffic when you find crit buddies who write stories that you like. Believe me, this doesn't always happen. Luckily, I was quickly sucked into The Hive.

Breaking away from paranormal tropes - the creation of a new paranormal force

Watch out vampires, werewolves, and zombies. A new paranormal force is coming to town. Welcome the Psionic Man!

Psionics exist all over the world in communities known as "Hives." They have existed for thousands of years, blending successfully in and out of "Norm" society. These Psionics have all sorts of incredible powers, such as: teleportation, levitation, telepathy, invisibility, perception filters, telekinesis, prediction, etc. These aren't X-Men knock-offs. They are men and women with high levels of psychic energey who can do scary-poweful things with their minds.

And of course, for every great power, there is a great enemy. Enter the Silencers--parasitic hosts that possess human bodies and feed on the psychic enegery possessed by Psionics. Conflict between the Psionics and the Silencers has been raging for centuries.

The worldbuilding in this novel is rich and textured with tremendous depth. I really felt like I was entering a soceity that had existed for thousands of years.

Marc Davies has created a paranomal world like no other. I found it such a refreshing change from the run-of-the-mill paranormal stories with vamp, weres, and the occassional telepath. I think as writers, we always have to challenge ourselves to think outside the box, to create worlds, characters, and situations that break out of existing tropes. The Hive is a good reminder of that.

If you're a fan of the TV show Fringe, I think you will like this book. I keep telling Marc that HBO needs to pick up his book. It would make such an awesome show! Of course, I already have actors picked out for the various rolls...!