The Write Obsession - Sulan review

Today is the final week of the Sulan blog tour! Here is the second-to-last Sulan review, posted at The Write Obsession. I broke my own rule and peeked at the review while I was at work and got all teary eyed again, LOL. Luckily the office was deserted so no one caught me. :)

Excerpt: "I can sum up my thoughts about Sulan: Episode One: The League in one sentence: Traditional publishing is in serious trouble. I don't know where the industry is going to go when authors like Camille Picott are starting to choose to self publish. Sulan is such a high adventure, easily accessible story that I didn't come across many of the issues I tend to have with other YA novels. That's got to be saying something when you guys know how picky I can be."

You can read the full review here.