she treads softly - Sulan review

A new review of Sulan is up at she treads softly! You can also enter to win a copy of the Sulan ebook.

Excerpt: "Sulan is extremely entertaining with an exceptionally captivating storyline. I'll admit I was immersed in Sulan's world and upset when this first novel ended. I wish I had the second novel around because I would have started it immediately.
I suppose the big question is: How does Sulan compare to The Hunger Games? I think it's a favorable comparison. Certainly YA fans of The Hunger Games will likely enjoy Sulan. While I felt there was less violence in Sulan, there is some."
Having Sulan compared favorably to The Hunger Games leaves me feeling very humble and honored. I am such a fan of THG, there really is no comparison that could make me happier.