Thursday, September 6, 2012

Indie Book Blog - Sulan Interview - a stuffed Riska?

Indie Book Blog -- a great review site for readers interested in finding great self-published books -- was kind enough to participate in the Sulan blog tour. An interview about Sulan is now up for your reading pleasure.

As some of you may know, I sell limited edition, custom-made Raggedy Chan dolls on my website. Scott of Indie Book Blog has a special request for Riska stuffed animals. :) What do you guys think? Should I look into this?


  1. Yes! Riska would make a great stuffed animal.

  2. I'll support the idea too (even though it's mine lol). Zoey, my daughter, could use a Risk Alleviator to guard her dreams.

  3. If somebody wants a Riska doll, then it's time to start selling them. That's how you know you ought to do it. ;)