Abnormally Paranormal - Sulan Review

It is really hard to blog when one's 3 year old is screaming her head off in her crib, but here goes!

The latest Sulan review is up at Abnormally Paranormal!

Excerpt: "I really like this world of Vex and how a lot of the story takes place in this online, virtual world. Sulan would put on a pair of goggles and it was like she was literally entering a world made up of pixels and 3D images and doing all this through an avatar that looked exactly like her real body. She went to school this way and made friends with people who lived hundreds, if not thousands of miles away. She could go to other locations as well, just like surfing the internet, and spend time doing things people do in real life. So cool! Too bad we don't have anything like this now. "

Stick around for tomorrow's guest post at Abnormally Paranormal, where you'll get the see the evolution of book cover for Sulan.