Reading at Chinese Culture Camp

Last week, I had the pleasure of being a guest at the Redwood Empire Chinese Association's annual Culture Camp for kids. This is the coolest summer camp I've ever seen. The kids do all sorts of fun things related to Chinese culture. They start every morning with a Tai-Chi lesson. They learn to speak Mandarin, dance, play drums, and even how to cook Chinese food! The wonderful ladies who run the camp are very passionate about sharing Chinese culture with children. I am definitely sending my daughter to this camp when she gets old enough!

First, I got to read to the kids from Nine-Tail Fox. One of the kids even gave me a fresh hydrangea, which is one of my favorite flowers. Then we all lined up for a group photo, which you can see below. (I'm in the red dress holding the hydrangea.) The kids are holding a copy of each of my different books.

Remember how I said that the kids even learn how to cook Chinese food? Every day, the kids help to prepare the very food that they eat for lunch! I think this is so cool. It's no small feat to organize a kitchen so that 13 kids can help prep food. Like I said, the ladies who run this camp are amazing.

On the day I was there, it was wonton day. I LOVE wontons and have not made them for YEARS! Luckily, it was like riding a bike. I remembered everything once I got started. Then I got to EAT some of the awesome wontons with the kids at lunch.

My sweet husband came along to the even with me. He's an elementary & junior high school teacher. As you can see, he is quite at home with the little kids!

All in all, it was an awesome event. What's not to love about story time and homemade wontons?