New website complete!

I have finally finished my new website! I am so excited. I really love Blogger. It made designing my website a snap. Please take some time to persue my various pages. If you have any comments/critiques/feedback, I would love to hear it! This is my first foray into a website like this and I am open to any suggestions.

Some highlights of my site:

The Merchandise page:
  • Clothing and apparel inspired by my books
  • Free teaching curricula for Raggedy Chan is available for download
The Limited Edition page:
  • Check out Raggedy Chan dolls and limited edition books available only on my site
The Media page:
  • Check out a regional parenting magazine that features me, my mom, my daughter, and Raggedy Chan on the cover
  • Listen to a live interview with me and the Mixed Chicks
  • View You Tube videos of me presenting at the Fort Bragg Public Library
The Books page:
  • Check out my books, of course!
The About page:
  • Learn a little about me and my buddy, Pixiu