E-readers vs. Amazon & Exclusivity

I have been a die-hard book fan all my life. I even love the way books smell. My first job in college was at Barnes and Noble. I used to come home literally smelling like paperbacks. The scent was all over my skin and my clothes, and I loved it.

11 months ago, I broke down a bought a Nook. The main reason being is that as an Indie Author, I thought I needed to be familiar with the ins and outs of ebooks. What better way to do that than to read ebooks?

I am now a convert. I love my Nook. I have purged my bookshelves. When I see book giveaway on blog sites, I don't enter because I don't want the clutter of another paperback.

About 6 months ago, Amazon started a new program for Kindle authors -- KDP, short for Kindle Select Program. When an author gives Amazon the exclusive right to their book for the first 3 months of its release, the author gets the benefits of KDP. These benefits include being a part of the Kindle lending library, as well as the ability to periodically give your book away for free.

As an indie author, this sounds like a good trade. I'm publishing a new book next June, and I intend to give it to Amazon on an exclusive basis for the first 3 months, just so I can take advantage of KDP perks.

As an owner of the Nook, it annoys the !*&$ out of me. Twice this past week, I tried to buy a book from B&N, only to find out it's only available on Amazon. Seriously, I have to wait 3 whole months to read that?!? Gah!

I've already told my husband that I am buying a Kindle in the near future, just to avoid this problem. Part of me thinks, Damn, Amazon is flipping brilliant. With one move, they've cornered a large segment of the book market AND found a way to give perks to indie authors. On the other hand, as a B&n customer, I am annoyed. B&N needs to figure out something creative to do for authors, or there are going to be more folks like me converting to Kindle.

I'm just wondering what other folks think about all this?