Dystopunk - a new genre?

This is the initial cover sketch for my forthcoming novel Sulan, Book 1: The League. On the cover is the heroine, Sulan Hom, and her genetically engineered pet, Riska.

I’m describing the Sulan series as dystopunk. Yeah, I totally made that up. *grins sheepishly* I’ve been mulling over existing genres for quite a while, trying to figure out where my story fits. One beta reader told me it’s dystopia. But it has such a strong element of virtual reality/cyberspace that pigeonholing it as dystopia doesn’t seem right. Nor does calling it cyberpunk seem right, since it doesn’t have the hard science edge that most cyberpunk novels have.

Ultimately I see the book as equal parts dystopia and cyberpunk. So I’m calling it dystopunk.

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