New Version of Raggedy Chan - available now!

For those of you already familiar with the "original" Raggedy Chan, you know it's an illustrated novella with 40 full-color illustrations.

I recently made the decision to release a text-only version of the book. Why? A few reasons. First, with text-only, I was able to get the price of the print book down to $7.99. I really want to make my books affordable to readers. Secondly, the full color version has no distribution to online or brick-and-mortar stores. (There's lots of detail behind this difficulty, which I can explain if anyone is interested.) By releasing a text-only version, I was able to get full distribution for the story. This story is dear to my heart, and I want to make it available to as broad an audience as possible.

I am looking at releasing the illustrated version for both Kindle Fire and Nook Color. Stay tuned!