Guest post by Emerian Rich: 5 Tips on Podcasting, Part 2

Last week I posted writer Emerian Rich’s first two tips on podcasting. Click here to check them out. Next week I will be posting an interview from Emerian, which will have a more in-depth look at podcasting.

Here are Emerian’s next tips on podcasting:

3. Join the Community: at  They have a mentoring group there that you can post a audio file and get feedback and critique on the audio performance before you put it out for listeners. This is only for novel podcasts, but it is a great learning tool just to go there and read the posts. You can even listen to the audios posted and then read the notes to learn what the common mistakes are. You also make friends there who may be your podcasting buddies of the future. Several of my very good podcasting buddies now are people I helped a few years ago.

4. Buy minimal equipment before you commit to your career as a podcaster: I’ve had several friends all gung-ho to make their own podcasts, go out and buy hundreds of dollars worth of equipment, only to find out they can’t stand all the hours of sound editing you have to do.

For beginning podcasters, you should not go out and buy an expensive mic. Work with what you have until you find that you’ve surpassed its usefulness. You don’t need mixers, expensive sound software, or voice changers unless you have money to throw away. They are nice, but not necessary.

5. Test out the waters with a mini-show: Having a tester, free form show, will help you work out the kinks and cause you to become comfortable behind the mic. Read old poems you wrote, talking about fly fishing… whatever you want, but produce the show and post it out on a site like It’s free to upload shows there and they have a read-made audience to pull from. Also, they have the added bonus of being so big… that if you don’t promote the show, you won’t have many listeners, so you can test it out without feeling like you have to be perfect.

Emerian Rich is an author, artist, and Horror Host. She has been podcasting since 2007, has made hundreds of guest appearances and hosts, which will begin its 7th Season in 2012. Her vampire series, Night’s Knights, has amassed a million downloads. Writing under Emmy Z. Madrigal, she also has Sweet Dreams Musical Romance Series, which was the first romance novel series to be podcasted. There are now three novels up for listening pleasure, with a fourth on the way. To find out more about Emerian, go to: