Guest post by Emerian Rich: 5 Tips on Podcasting, Part 1

Podcasting is something that has always fascinated me. I had the pleasure of meeting author and podcaster Emerian Rich at this year’s Santa Rosa book festival. She was kind enough to write a guest post AND complete an interview – both about podcasting! I’ll be posting them over the next few weeks. Please enjoy!

Here are Emerian’s first two tips on podcasting:

1. Have your text or idea script already done: Don’t start a podcast novel if the novel isn’t complete and as perfect as you can get it. Don’t start a free form podcast show before you have subjects to cover and an outline of what you will talk about. It’s actually better to have a script and elaborate where need be when on air as the mood strikes you.

2. Listen to other podcasts and see what type you want to do:
  • Free form podcast show: Like a show you might hear on talk radio or during a morning commute.
  • Podnovel podcast: A novel, normally read by the author. There are many different ways to approach these. It’s up to you how comfortable you are with the different sorts of styles and it also says something about how you like to listen to your books. Produce something that you would listen to, and there are people out there that like the same thing.
    • You can read it yourself in what we call a “straight read” which is most like an audio book.
    • You can have a full cast of your friends pitch in for different voices.
    • You can do all the voices and sound effects yourself.
  • Audio drama: A show produced much like the old time radio shows with a full cast and sound effects. These are generally short stories or stories by multiple writers.
  • And everything else: The idea is to get something new and exciting, so with that you get the half audio drama / half talk show, the shows that play mostly music, the variety shows (like mine at where we have news, talk, music, comedy sketches, and a short story at the end. Not even the sky is the limit when you are trying to think of something innovative to attract listeners.

To date, I have done every one of these types of podcasts. They are all exciting and challenging in their own right, but I always come back to my favorite, the author full read with voices and sound effects.

Emerian Rich is an author, artist, and Horror Host. She has been podcasting since 2007, has made hundreds of guest appearances and hosts, which will begin its 7th Season in 2012. Her vampire series, Night’s Knights, has amassed a million downloads. Writing under Emmy Z. Madrigal, she also has Sweet Dreams Musical Romance Series, which was the first romance novel series to be podcasted. There are now three novels up for listening pleasure, with a fourth on the way. To find out more about Emerian, go to: