"Warming Demon" ~ Evolution of an E-book Cover

Here is the cover for my forthcoming free e-book, Warming Demon. It was created by artist Joey Manfre.


I had a lot of fun working on this cover with Joey. As usual, I gave him a rough idea of what I was looking for: target audience (adult), central theme of story (Warming Demon as a metaphor for global warming), etc. I left the rest up to his imagination. This was the initial concept that he came up with:


Notice how masculine this version is. The main character of the story is a little girl, and her voice is very feminine. I wanted the cover to convey some of that feminism. This was accomplished through the delicate oval surrounding the main graphic, plus the typesetting.

Since I am in no way a visual artist, I try not to “over instruct” when developing book cover concepts with Joey. This gives him the artistic freedom to be creative. I’m always amazed how he takes themes and transforms them into gorgeous works of art.

Warming Demon will be published before the end of the year as a free e-book.

About Warming Demon:

In a world devastated by massive climate changes, the Chinese government holds the key to terraforming a distant planet. A handful of wealthy and academically gifted Chinese citizens are selected to make the journey in a spacecraft and colonize this new world.
Those chosen for the voyage are envied by humankind. But for Senya, a part Chinese, part Caucasian six-year-old from Hong Kong, life in the cramped, interstellar society is lonely and miserable. She struggles to understand her mixed race and to find a place in her new home.