Press Release: Raggedy Chan Sequel Now Available – Get Your Free ReviewCopy!

Raggedy Chan Sequel Now Available – Get Your Free Review Copy!

September 26, 2011


Contact: Camille Picott

Nine-Tail Fox: a Chinese Heritage Tale is available now!

Nine-Tail Fox, the sequel to Raggedy Chan, is now available! In this modern Chinese fable, Chinese-American author Camille Picott draws on her heritage to weave a story of courage, truth, and adventure. Check with your local bookseller,, or other online retailers to get your copy.

To celebrate the book’s release, Picott is giving away free review copies of Nine-Tail Fox.

Print edition – Picott is giving away 5 free copies of the Nine-Tail Fox print edition. To win your copy, email your name and mailing address to camillepicott at gmail dot com. The first 5 people to respond will receive a free print book. (U.S. residents only, please.)

E-book Edition – For one week only, Picott is giving away unlimited copies of the Nine-Tail Fox e-book at Smashwords. Enter coupon code DX99M to download your free copy. Alternatively, email camillepicott at gmail dot com to get your free copy. Please specify mobi or e-pub file format.

If you enjoy Nine-Tail Fox, please let other readers know by leaving an online review at Amazon.

About Nine-Tail Fox:

When fifth-grade Emma Chan-McDougal is ridiculed by her classmates for being part Chinese, she's devastated. To ease Emma's wounded self-esteem, her aunt, a Chinese immigrant, spins the mythical tale of a brave little Nine-Tail Fox named Ainu who lives in San Francisco.

In a parallel animal world that comes to life when humans slumber, Ainu Nine-Tail and her mother face off against Chih Yu, an ancient demon who feeds on hatred. As the last of their clan, the Nine-Tails are honor-bound by a family oath to defend the Chinese animals from the demon. When Chih Yu kills her mother and leads an angry mob against Chinatown, Ainu is left to complete the task alone. Raw with grief and only partially trained for battle, Ainu must reach deep inside herself to find the wisdom and courage to save her people.

Will the journey of Ainu Nine-Tail help Emma find the strength to confront the school bullies and win back her confidence?

Camille Picott is the author of Raggedy Chan and Nine-Tail Fox, the first two books of Chinese Heritage Tales. To learn about Picott’s adventures in indie publishing, visit her at