How indie publishers can find more readers through local Park & Recdepartment

The title of this post might sound a little strange, but hear me out:

For me, the road to indie publishing has been steep and paved with gusto. I fell into self-publishing through sheer enthusiasm to see my book, Raggedy Chan, in print.

I’ve learned a lot along the way. Often I look back and say to myself, Wow, if only I knew x,y, or z before I published my book. As I get ready to launch my second book, I’m finding the process so much easier simply because I’ve got knowledge and experience under my belt.

My list of “the things I wish I’d known before I self-published” is a lengthy one. I thought it would be nice to share some these things with other aspiring indie writers. I approached my local Park & Rec department to see if they would be interested in offering a class on How To Self-Publish. My pitch was warmly received and before I knew it, I was typing up a course description and emailing it off.
Just last week, the Park & Rec “Recreation Guide” was published and distributed to our little town of ten thousand people. That's ten thousand people who can potentially learn about me and my book. My class is listed in the guide, along with a short bio about me and Raggedy Chan. It occurred to me that this is a great way for local publicity. I think this is a nice way for writers to give back to community, not to mention potentially make a little extra money and spread the word about your books.

What are some other creative publicity opportunities other writers out there have found?