Creating Bonus Features for Your Book

I think the movie industry hit a lucky strike when they started adding bonus features to DVDs. What’s not to like? Actor and director commentary, a closer look at how movies are made, etc. It’s all extra stuff for fans to devour.

So why not do the same thing with your book?

My next book, Nine-Tail Fox (the sequel to Raggedy Chan), will be released in the next few weeks in both print and e-book. I’m putting together some bonus materials for it: a You Tube video, some full color illustrations, and an author interview. All of this stuff will be loaded onto my website by Sandra Lam, my web guru at WinLum. She’ll tweak the site to make it smart phone friendly. Then I’ll create a QR code (see my detailed article on QR codes here). The QR code will be printed on the back cover of my “tree” book, and inserted as an image into my e-book. For readers who don’t have smart phones, I’ll also include the URL so they can visit the site on their computer.

Phase one is complete: I just uploaded my first videos onto You Tube. One is entitled 3 Tips on Becoming a Writer and the other is called How Raggedy Chan Got Her name. Check them out!

Any other writers out there have some ideas for book bonus materials?