E-book Adventures: How to Preview Your E-book File

Once you go through the nifty process of converting your story into an Epub file (for Barnes & Noble) and a Mobi file (for Amazon), it’s a good idea to preview those files before you upload them to sell. Even if you don’t have an e-reader, you can download e-book readers on your computer.

For Epub, I downloaded the Adobe Digital Editions e-reader. For Mobi, I downloaded Kindle for PC. Both applications run on my computer, and both were free to download. Once I had these, it was easy to open my e-book files and check them over for errors. (Both of these free readers were recommended to me by Dellaster Design, the company who converted my e-book. I highly recommend them—the owner works quickly and professionally.)

A few things to check on your e-book files before you upload them:

1. Hyperlinks

Make sure they work, and make sure they go to the proper place. I had one hyperlink that went to a nonexistent website. An easy fix, but it would not have been caught if I didn’t go through the file and check every link.

2. Chapter Headings

In my Epub version, the chapter heading were the wrong size font. They were correct in the Mobi file. (Ah, the beauty of file conversion.) Another easy fix, but I’m glad I caught the mistake before the book went live.

3. Page Breaks

Make sure page breaks are in the appropriate places. You don’t want your chapter heading to appear in the middle of the page.

4. Spelling, grammar, copyright – etc.

Hopefully this one is a no-brainer. Ideally, these items should be checked BEFORE you send your file off for conversion.

Anyone else have any tips for e-book conversion process?