E-book Adventures: E-book Checklist (Raggedy Chan successfully uploadedto Pubit & Kindle!)

I'm always intimidated when it comes to technology. Half of me always expects something to go wrong, or to encounter something that I can't figure out.

I'm happy to say that none of these things happened today when I ventured onto B&N's Pubit and Amazon's Kindle. I uploaded Raggedy Chan to both of them without any headache. My book should be available for sale within the next 24 - 72 hours. (I guess I should continue to hold my breath until I actually see the titles for sale on the sites, heh.)

Anyway, there are quite a number of things both sites required. I had to spend a bit of time digging things out of file cabinets and out of computer files to get everything successfully set up. I've compiled an E-book Checklist for other authors out there, with the hope that I can help others streamline this process.

So, here it is: Your E-book Checklist

1. Author Bio (It's good to have this ready before hand so all you have to do it copy-paste.)

2. Book Summary (This is like the back cover copy you read on tree-books. Again, I think it's easier to have this ready before hand. Makes the uploading process much quicker.)

3. E-book files, in both epub & mobi formats (Epub is for Nook/Pubit; mobi is for Kindle. Both places have their own conversion software, but from what I hear the results are sketchy. I hired Dellaster Designfor my file conversion. The owner, Ted, works quickly and professionally. He even sent me a sheet on how to download epub and mobi previewers, so I could see both files before I uploaded them. I highly recommend him.)

4. Cover (Both places want a file that is at least 500 pixels.)

5. Credit Card (B&N's Pubit requires a credit card to set up an account. I don't know about Amazon, since I've been a cutomer for years.)

6. Bank Account & Routing Number (Pubit requires this. Amazon will mail you a check, but your royalties have to amount to $100 before they cut you a check. If you give them your banking info, they'll automatically pay you every time you have $10 in royalties.)

7. SS# of EIN# (SS#s work for most people, but since I own my own publishing company, I used my EIN#.)

If you've got all this stuff at your finger tips, you can get your e-book uploaded in about 30 minutes.

For a great article on uploading to B&N's Pubit, check out The Book Designer's mini tutorial.

I'll let everyone know as soon as Raggedy Chan is officially up on both sites!