E-book Adventures: prepping the manuscript

I spent the last few days prepping the Raggedy Chan manuscript for e-book conversion. This would seem a simple thing. When creating the print version, the designer and I had already completed most the typesetting and layout when I got edits back from my copy editor. (Check out the fabulous Erin Wilcox -- the woman knows the Chicago Manual of Style inside out. Best copy editor I've ever worked with.) I made the mistake of only entering the corrections into the Illustrator version of the story. I did not duplicate the edits in the Word file I had on my computer. Which essentially means I did not have a final copy of the manuscript. So...I had to get the Illustrator file form the designer, and cut and paste the entire manuscript back into a Word doc. This produced formatting problems galore. Today I went through the entire manuscript line-by-line, weeding out all the mistakes. Hopefully I didn't miss anything. Lesson learned: always have a copy of the final manuscript in your possession, preferably in a Word doc.