E-book Adventures: A New Cover

For those of you not familiar with the Raggedy Chan book cover, here you go:

Raggedy Chan Cover_JPEG

I love this cover. It was created and designed by Joey Manfre. I think he captured the heart of the book with this cover. It's a real eye catcher when I hand sell at book stores and events.

Unfortunately, when it comes to e-books, which are sold via the Internet, I don't think it's the best cover for the job at hand. This is how the cover looks on Amazon:

RC cover

A lot of the great detail is lost when the cover is condensed. This made me realize that if I want to attract e-book buyers, I need a cover that will pop even when it's reduced to the size of a thumbnail. I'm working with Joey a revised cover for the e-book. I'll keep you posted on our progress.