Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Speculative Fiction in Education, Post #6: What can fans of the genredo to promote the use of speculative fiction in the classroom?

What can fans of the genre do to promote the use of speculative fiction in the classroom?

From Eric G. Swedin: Volunteer at local schools.  There was an organization called Reading for the Future, but I think that it has faded away.

From Dan Willis: My son’s 4th grade teacher uses speculative fiction extensively in his classroom.  His walls are covered with posters from the Harry Potter movies & promotional materials for other grade appropriate books, all of which he has stocked on his shelves in multiple copies for his students to check out and read.  Having those books on hand for his kids to read is critical.

Fans of the genre would do well do donate such books to interested teachers or schools.  It’s much harder to get a class full of kids excited about a book if there’s only a single copy they must fight over.


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