Speculative Fiction in Education, Post #5: What makes speculativefiction a better choice (versus other forms of literature) for helpingthe reluctant reader?

What makes speculative fiction a better choice (versus other forms of literature) for helping the reluctant reader?

From Eric G. Swedin: Speculative fiction had its roots in adventure fiction and has not forgotten those roots.  Telling a good story is still the main priority, leading to fiction that is more attractive to the reluctant reader.

From Dan Willis: Unlike other genre’s, speculative fiction is usually about adventure.  The encapsulate stories of courage, action, and risk where great battles are fought both without and within.  The draw of such narratives is inescapable and likely to draw in even the most reluctant of readers.  It is when a reader gets sucked in by a story that the change from someone who is required to read, to someone who simply must.