Speculative Fiction in Education, Post #2: What unique qualities do youfeel speculative fiction can bring to the educational environment?

What unique qualities do you feel speculative fiction can bring to the educational environment?

From Dan Willis:
Speculative Fiction has always been about examining the human condition in settings that free us from our pre-conceived notions.  It doesn’t matter how fanciful or far-fetched the story, speculative fiction offers us the modern incarnation of the morality play, it depicts the struggle between right and wrong.  In this way readers are encouraged to examine their societies and themselves.

Additionally, speculative fiction offers readers glimpses of ideas and concepts that don’t exist, or cannot exist in our world.  If necessity is the mother of invention, then speculation is it’s godfather.  Virtually all of the predicted technologies imagined by early science fiction authors have come to pass.

From Eric G. Swedin: Speculative fiction teaches children to expand their imagination. The science fiction branch of speculative fiction helps teach science and the best of this genre teaches analytical and critical thinking. Science and technology are the basis of modern life and are constantly changing. Science fiction is a way that scientists and engineers think about the implications of their field and helps us understand the changes in our modern world.