Monday, March 29, 2010

Speculative Fiction in Education, (Final) Post #8: Any last commentsyou’d like to make about the importance of speculative fiction ineducation?

Any last comments you’d like to make about the importance of speculative fiction in education?

From Dan Willis: There’s a place for all fiction in the educational process.  Adventure stories make it easier for kids to access reading, but hey, if you’ve got a kid who loves machinery, give him Clancy’s “Hunt for Red October.”  I remember the kinds of things the made us read when I was in school.  It was either insufferably boring (The Grapes of Wrath) or insultingly propagandizing (any of the early-feminist tripe of Willa Cather).  If the goal is to get kids reading, you might as well use every advantage you have.

From Eric G. Swedin: As a K-12 student I was always excited when I got the read speculative fiction for class, but it was a rare opportunity.  I hope that is different today and that speculative fiction will take its rightful place in our changing, technologically-driven society.

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