In the Media: Raggedy Chan in Asian Connections

For the 14th year in a row, Ben Fong-Torres hosted KTVU's annual coverage San Francisco's Chinese New Yer Parade. He prepped a lot of "filler" material--that is, material to be used during those "down" times in the parade. This year, the parade ran so smoothly that Mr. Torres didn't get a chance to use most of the filler material he prepared.

Among the material Mr. Torres prepared was a Recommended Reading List, which he posted on Asian Connections. I'm happy to report that Raggedy Chan made the list! You can read the article here. Also on the Recommened Reading List were "Good Luck Life" by Rosemary Gong and "Year of the Tiger, Tales of the Chinese Zodiac" by Oliver Chin. Thanks to Mr. Torres for compiling this list to share with fans of Chinese New Year!